Bereavement Ministry (Grief Support)

This ministry offers support at the time of death, the period  immediately following the death of a loved one, as well as ongoing emotional and spiritual support for as long as you might need. Grief is painful and during the grieving process that pain can be nearly unbearable. The length and difficulty of the grieving process varies with each unique situation: the relationship with the person who died, the circumstances of the death and how survivors handle life situations.
Always realize that grief has no timetable. It is cyclical. The emotions come and go for weeks, months and years. Understanding the emotions of grief is an important step in the healing process. The most common reactions to the death of a loved one are: shock, denial, anger, guilt, sadness, and finally acceptance it.
When one has experienced significant loss, certain decisions and tasks can oftentimes prove overwhelming. Therefore, in addition to providing  education and support on grief and loss, the Basilica also offers the services of a trained bereavement minister to help guide you in making some of the more immediate decisions related to funeral or memorial arrangements.
If you are working your way through the grieving process from the death of a spouse, parent, child, sibling or friend, please know that grief support meetings are available to you every Thursday at 7:15 p.m. in the St. Francis Room of the Klaus Murphy Center.
Each year, the Basilica  of St. Mary Star of the Sea also holds a Mass of Remembrance that is celebrated  on a date proximate to All Soul’s Day on November 2. Those who have experienced the loss of a family member or friend in the previous year are most especially encouraged to attend to pray and share memories together.
Urgent Need For Bereavement Facilitators
Bereavement meetings held once a week is a much needed ministry to help those who are grieving due to a death. We are always in need of warm, compassionate, spiritual individuals willing to walk with others on the journey. Training is provided so, if this is a ministry to which you feel you are being called, please contact Velma Christian at 294-9380 (home) or 294-5155 (work).